Events and Commercial


$150 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Every event is filled with moments that are unique and unrepeatable. We will fit to your agenda and deliver photos quickly.

Event photography has our fasted turnaround time. Our goal is to deliver your event photos within 2 business days.

LifeSlice Photography delivers confidence in the in the joy of your moments that will never come again.

Superior Commercial Head-shots

$150 Session Fee includes 2 photos for web and print

$25 For each additional photo, finished in color and black and white

Discounts are available for group sessions

We come to you to help keep your day on track and productive. We provide all the lighting and photography equipment necessary to capture a quality image. Our goal is to give you a picture that you will feel proud of and you can use with confidence. We will work with you until that goal is accomplished.

Commercial Art Photography

$150 per shooting hour

$25 for each photo

$25 for each stylized finish

Commercial Art Photography is a powerful and unique marketing tool.

Commercial Art Photography seeks to tell the powerful story of your product or service. We capture photos for catalogues. We also create images that tell how much your product or service means to your customers. We tell the story your product and how much joy it can bring.