Family Life, Personal, and Group Portraits

We design your portrait session specifically for you at a location of your choice.

Mini Portrait Session $150

This session is designed for those who need a few images and don't want to take a lot of time getting them. Personal profiles or yearly photos of your kids that are actually good would be a way to use this session.

Included with every session

Flash Drive with copyright release

Everyone of our packages comes with your photos on flash drive and a copyright release for prints up to 5x7.5 inches.

A Personal Gallery Hosted on our Website

Your gallery will live at a link unique to you.

It can be the home for all the LifeSlice photos that we do for you through the years

It can also be password protected if you choose.

Popular Portrait Session $295

We set up our studio at a location of your choice and take our time capturing valuable images for you. This session is perfect for, family portraits, high school seniors, and engagements.

This Session comes with:

A set of 4x6 proof photos and

3 $99 mini sessions for yearly photos of the kids.

Options to add

Full resolution files

This option gives you full resolution photos and a copyright release that allows you to make prints larger than 5x7.5.

Black and White Gallery

If you love the look of black and white photos we will add black and white versions of your photos and give them to you in postable and printable versions.

Extended Portrait Session $390

Choose this session when we need more time to get the images you require. Perhaps a portrait session at a large family reunion is a way to use this session.

This Session comes with:

A set of 4x6 proof photos

One 11x14 Giclee print (a $190 value)

3 $99 mini sessions for yearly photos of the kids.

Albums and Archival Prints

Make your investment last forever.

Flash drives have a lifespan of 10+ years.

Archival prints and albums have a lifespan of 100+ years

We will add 10% to the amount of credit you purchase with this contract. If you make a credit purchase of $100 we will credit you $10 extra for a total of $110. Similarly $500 would be a $550 credt. Etc.

Confidence in the beauty that is yours starts with one choice, LifeSlice Photography