All About Us

Hey everyone. Thanks for visiting our website and sticking around to find out more about us.

We, Mike and Elsie, met in college August 1981 dated for two-and-a-half years and then married on May 26th, 1984, 35 years! (now let’s see how long it takes me to up-date this.)

We raised two great sons and have two wonderful grandkids who call us Papa and GranGran. Like most grandparents we can’t get enough, slaying dragons, reading books and lap time cuddles.

In addition to our family, we enjoy, running, bread-making, and volunteering with several non-profits in Springfield and Eugene. We also love hiking and the outdoors where we always carry our cameras.

Elsie and I started LifeSlice Photography in 2009 as a part-time business. We wanted to capture stories and show people how beautifully cool they really are. In 2014 I, Mike, took it for my full-time employment. Elsie still works as the Purchasing Manager for A/B Technologies, a business located here in Springfield.

LifeSlice Photography has been a fantastic life for us. First and foremost, we have had the opportunities to meet great people and share in their stories. It has also taken us up and down I-5 and all over Oregon. We have even gotten to work with orphans in Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe.

So, let’s get together and talk more. We would love the chance to tell your story too.