Kids Photography

Kids photography is always an adventure. Having photographed children for years, LifeSlice has seen it all. Whether you are in search of photos of your infant, toddler, teen, or a combination, LifeSlice is here to help.

Picking a Location for Kids Photography Sessions

Location plays a big role in our work and especially during kids photography sessions. In the Eugene area, we have great options for outdoor photography. We can take photos at Alton Baker Park or snapshots in a local field full of spring flowers. We can also take photos in your own home or backyard. We’ve found that the more relaxed and comfortable your child is, the more successful the shoot is.

Many of our clients also opt for sessions in the studio. The lighting is controlled, it’s a quiet environment, and we can zone in and focus on capturing the precise vision you have. Photography sessions in the studio tend to work great for younger children.


Seize the Moment!

The years go by fast. Making the time to take quality photos of your kids as they grow is something you will cherish your whole life. Hang these photos in your home, send them to friends and family, and even share them with your future grandkids. 

Take a look around the gallery at some of LifeSlice’s latest kid’s photography sessions. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas for your kids photos!

COVID-19 Precautions

We want you to feel safe. We will photograph you and your family at any outdoor location. It’s easy to be safe outside. Social distancing is no problem and we naturally stay away from crowded areas. You will not be asked to touch any of our equipment and we can easily stay 6 feet or more apart. If you choose to move inside to our studio, we will wear masks at all times and we only allow one person or family at a time. We also disinfect all studio areas including chairs and floors between clients.