Professional Headshots

Updated and professional headshots of you and your staff will lead to new possibilities and open new doors. The professional headshots captured by LifeSlice can be used on websites, social media, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, portfolios, and much more. With over 10 years experience, LifeSlice understands how to make the most of a business photoshoot and will provide you with edited photos that elevate your brand and message.

When you’re looking for photographers, it’s important to find someone that you trust and who has experience. LifeSlice photographers Mike & Elsie have learned a lot over the years and they love working with professionals from all types of businesses. It takes a careful eye and a lot of patience to help clients open up and be themselves during a photoshoot. Mike and Elsie know how to help you and your staff relax enough to get the best portraits possible.

Types of Professional Headshots

Looking for traditional professional headshots, or something a bit more fun? We do it all at LifeSlice.

On Location:
The best photos often happen in your own environments. Headshots taken at your location help to tell your story. With this style, you can see the environment of the business, organization, or group. 

Studio headshots at the LifeSlice studio are a great option to capture professional photos in perfect lighting. You’ll be in a calm environment, with controlled conditions. These portraits can be done on black, white, and grey backgrounds. 

Headshots taken outside utilize natural light, which can make skin tones look great. Outdoor headshots often capture green landscape backgrounds and business exteriors, or the backdrop of your city. They make for vibrant and colorful photos that are sure to stand out. They can often be more fun to take, which helps you and your staff relax.

Group / Team:
Individual headshots are great, but a team photo can an awesome asset for any website! We offer these photos as well as photos of your building, offices or client interactions. These are just a few of our favorite professional headshots.