What is commercial photography? Commercial photography is when images are captured and then used by a company to promote their brand. They can be used to help sell your business, yourself, or a product. During a photoshoot, a professional commercial photographer works with the business to create images that accurately represent the brand to their customers. The product of a commercial photoshoot can leave the client with lasting, memorable, and high- quality images that speak for the business.

Types of Commercial Photography

There are many different categories of commercial photography. A new restaurant owner may need photos of their food to be featured on their menu and website. These sessions require staging, optimal lighting, and maybe a taste test or two.

When shopping for products online, consumers are more likely to purchase a product that appears to be professionally shot with optimal lighting and angles, rather than one that was shot with a phone camera. Photography of products can be great for business sales.

Businesses such as spas, salons, dentist offices, and even construction companies can benefit from environmental photos. These are shots that are taken to show employees in their work settings. This is a great way to show the tone and surroundings of a business.

Any business that has a website (which should be any business in 2020), must have professional headshots. Looking for traditional professional headshots, or something a bit more fun? We do it all at LifeSlice. LifeSlice knows how to make the most out of a business photoshoot session. We guarantee to leave you with proficient photos that boost your message and brand.

A Commercial Photoshoot with LifeSlice

LifeSlice recently did a commercial photoshoot with Alyssa Williamson, a local business coach. She works with other local business owners and helps them find the freedom they need to realize their dreams. You can learn more about her business on her website. Follow along below to learn more about our commercial photoshoot with Alyssa.


Our session first began with some planning. We discussed having multiple different looks in addition to four distinct settings. After some conversation, we decided on 5th Street Market, a woodland trail, Clearwater Park, and Downtown Springfield.

Our Goals

Together, we wanted to create four images that represented her brand. The first image was a business woman enjoying a marketplace where she often meets clients for coffee. The second was in the woods, where we would create an image that depicted the story of a Disney princess. The third was an adventurer competent and strong in an unusual environment. The final photo would be a fun picture of Alyssa enjoying a night out on the town. Before we met for our session, I scouted the locations and developed a plan.

The Execution

During our session, we took advantage of several things that we noticed at the time that would help tell Alyssa’s coaching journey. We used props such as a truck, a phone booth, signs, and the elements of a downtown road to illustrate the goals of her business. Alyssa was left with several photos that illustrate her story and the elements of her business to future clients.

Let’s Work Together

If your business is in need of any commercial photography, contact us today. We would love to work with you and to help grow your business.