A maternity photoshoot is the best way to capture the excitement of expanding your family with beautiful photos. Whether you’re due for your first baby or looking to surprise a loved one who is expecting, a maternity photoshoot can be meaningful and a lot of fun. To ensure your photoshoot is relaxing and inviting, follow these eight tips. 

1. Choose The Right Photographer

When selecting the photographer for your maternity photos, read reviews, ask for referrals from friends and family, and confirm they are experienced in maternity photography.

2. Pick Your Favorite Time of Day

To ensure you get the best photos from your photography session, book your appointment when you feel your best. If you’re a morning person, book an earlier session. If you tire late in the day, aim for a midday session. You want to feel rested and happy for your photoshoot, so choose the time of your appointment with your photographer accordingly.  

3. Pay Attention to the Calendar

Some babies are ready to come sooner than expected. To that end, it’s wise to schedule your photoshoot at least 6-8 weeks before your expected due date.

4. Ask Your Photographer for Help

If you’re unsure which angles or poses will make for the most beautiful photos, speak up! Experienced maternity photographers will likely have amazing ideas you’ve never seen or considered. Rely on their expertise with lighting, contrasts, and shadows to help you perfectly capture this exciting time. 

5. Dress for the Venue

If your maternity photoshoot will be indoors, ensure your clothing doesn’t make you too hot, or leave you cold in an air-conditioned space. If you plan to have at least some of your photos taken outside, be sure your clothing will keep you warm enough to prevent shivering.  

6. Finalize Your Clothing A Couple of Days Before Your Scheduled Photoshoot

As your body changes (sometimes rapidly), it’s smart to plan what you’ll wear. But be sure everything still fits how you want it to for your photos by trying it on a few days before your scheduled photo session.

7. Book a Manicure

Hands resting or cradling a pregnant belly deserve pampering before your photo shoot.  Consider treating yourself to a polish or manicure ahead of your maternity photoshoot

8. Schedule Your Maternity Photoshoot When Your Family is Available. 

Including family pets, children, stepchildren, and your partner can make your maternity photo session even more special. Decide who will be in the photos with you, and help minor children select outfits ahead of time.

Book Professional Maternity Photos in Lane County

LifeSlice Photography is an award-winning photography studio based in Lane County. We have years of experience capturing the excitement and joy of impending parenthood.  We welcome additional family members and family pets at your maternity photoshoot. LifeSlice Photography is accredited by Special Kids Photography of America, indicating specialized training to help photograph children and teens with special needs.  To learn more or book an appointment, call 541-914-7977 or message us.