If it’s time to update your family photos, you’re in luck. Fall photos offer unique benefits for your family that no other season can match. Here are 6 reasons why fall photos are a must for families.

1. The Weather is Just Right

When you book fall photos for your family, you won’t need to worry about kids or pets being too hot to smile naturally. But you also won’t have to worry about shivering while trying to smile, either. The mild fall weather makes for a comfortable experience for everyone.

2. Your Photos Will Be Ready in Time for the Holidays

Photos taken in the fall can be used in various ways in time for the holidays. Printed portraits make great gifts for grandparents and other family members. The photos can also be used for annual holiday cards, invitations, etc. 

3. Long Sleeves Keep the Focus on Faces

With cooler but not cold weather, long sleeves are a perfect choice for fall family photos.  There’s an old saying that “where the skin shows, the eyes go,” so long sleeves help keep the focus on the faces in your family.

4. Accessories Work Well 

Thanks to the cooler temperatures, no accessories are off-limits. For example, if you have a favorite scarf or vest or want your puppy photographed in a cute sweater, the mild weather makes it possible. 

5. Fall Foliage Makes for Gorgeous Backdrops

The range of golds, yellows, oranges, browns, and reds provided by nature in the fall make for warm backdrops you won’t get any other time of year. In Lane County, you can count on Maples for beautiful red colors, Dogwoods for red and burgundy leaves, Oaks for orange and brown foliage, and Ash, Aspens, Cottonwoods, and Birch trees for vibrant yellow leaves. 

6. Neutral Tones Match Most Interior Décor

The earthy tones of autumn will work nicely with nearly all interior colors. So, if you’re planning to frame and hang a few of your family photos, photos taken in autumn are likely to look beautiful in your home. 

Tips for Getting Gorgeous Fall Photos of Your Family

To make the most of your professional photo shoot, follow these tips to ensure that the fall photos of your family turn out beautifully.

  • Remember that the sun sets earlier in the fall, so schedule your photo shoot accordingly
  • Feel free to ask your photographer for recommendations for outdoor settings
  • Make sure everyone has eaten and slept (avoid booking family photos at nap time!)
  • Plan outfits in advance to prevent day-of stress
  • Bring water for your children and pets
  • Bring activities for young children or pets (balls, toys, bubbles etc., help children and pets stay engaged and happy during the session)
  • Bring any props you want (holiday items if you’re planning to use photos for holiday cards)
  • Pack extra layers if you want a variety of looks (hats, mittens, scarves, jackets)

Book Your Fall Photo Shoot in Lane County

If you’re ready to book your family photo session, contact LifeSlice Photography today.  Our award-winning photography team is here to help you capture the most precious moments in life. Whether you’re a newly engaged couple starting out, pet parents, or have a house full of kids, we can help you choose a perfectly gorgeous setting for your fall photos. To book a photoshoot, call 541-914-7977 or send us a message.