Booking a family photoshoot during the holidays may not be on your to-do list. But you may want to add it to that list. A Christmas photoshoot can capture the joy, beauty, and togetherness of the season that you’ll treasure for years to come. Here are unique benefits that you and your loved ones will realize from scheduling a professional photoshoot during the holidays.

1. The Whole Family Can Be Included

The holidays are sometimes the only time during the whole year that all the members of your family can get together. So, for families with kids away at college, or adult children living out of state, a family photoshoot during Christmas may be the only time that scheduling the photo session can work for everyone’s schedule.

2. A Christmas Photoshoot Puts You in the Holiday Spirit

There’s something about taking photos in the snow, in front of a crackling fireplace, or before a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, that may help even those who don’t always love the holidays to get into the holiday spirit.    

3. You Can Make Your Holiday Photos Lighthearted and Fun

At this jovial time of year, even family members who may not usually participate in silly photos may decide to join in the fun and wear that elf hat, Christmas pajamas, or hideous holiday sweater. Family pets in Santa outfits add an element of fun and whimsy to your family’s annual photos. 

4. Your Christmas Photos Make Great Gifts and Holiday Cards

Your professional Christmas photos make great gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others who you may not get to see very often. You can also use them for your annual holiday cards, and holiday party invitations.

5. Your Family’s Holiday Photoshoot Can Become a Loved Family Tradition

Family traditions keep families connected.  Scheduling a yearly Christmas photoshoot can be an excellent way to maintain closeness, all the while documenting the stages of life. An annual holiday photoshoot can become another fun family tradition that you cherish each year. 

6. Your Christmas Photos Can Capture Your Family’s Growth

As you become parents, and then grandparents, your holiday photos can document your legacy, as more members join your family. Adding sons and daughters-in-law, along with new babies, is a beautiful way to track your family’s growth through the years. 

7. Christmas Photos Offer Unique Settings That No Other Time of Year Offers

Christmas trees, wreaths, presents, cookies, and lights that are ubiquitous during the holiday season are only available for capture for a few weeks each winter.  A Christmas photoshoot allows you to take advantage of the beautiful backdrops in nature, spectacular holiday light displays in Lane County, or the beautiful decorations in your home.


Book a Christmas Photoshoot in Lane County

LifeSlice Photography loves photographing families and their pets during the holidays. Whether you’d like photos documenting your baby’s first Christmas, engagement pictures reflecting the season, or you want to capture the spirit of the season with your whole family (including your pets), LifeSlice Photography can help. We are here to capture the joy, wonder, and heartwarming spirit of the season. To book a photoshoot call 541-914-7977, or send us a message.