Family photographs create a lifetime of memories, not just in the final chosen shots, but in fond memories of the actual photoshoot. (This is especially true when the unexpected happens!) So, it is worth it to put in a little effort to plan ahead. Here is a helpful list of family photography tips, whether you’re planning your first holiday photo shoot, or you’re booking your annual session.

Family Photography Tips: Before the Shoot

Before the day of your family photography session, spend some time thinking ahead, so that when the day arrives, you’re not scrambling to make decisions. Here are some tips for planning for your family’s holiday photo shoot.

Find a Fun Location

Just because you’re scheduling a shoot during the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to pick a seasonal location. Instead, pick a location that has meaning for you and your family. This might be in front of your Christmas tree or fireplace. It also might be in your favorite park, on a favorite trail, or anywhere else that is special to you and your family

Plan Your Outfit

To avoid feeling stressed the day of your photoshoot, select your outfit ahead of time. If you have a baby or children, plan what they will wear as well. Be sure to account for unpredictable winter weather if you’ll be outdoors.

Consider Adding Pets or Props

Before your scheduled session, decide if you want to include family pets or props in your photos. That way you’ll remember to pack everything you need to get the result you’re hoping for. Props could include anything from blankets to Santa hats. If you’re bringing pets, you may want to pack treats and a water bowl.

Family Photography Tips: During the Photo Shoot

When the day of your photoshoot arrives, the best thing everyone can do is relax. To help keep everyone in the family relaxed, consider these tips.

Focus on Fun

When you are having a good time, it shows, and that fun will be reflected in the images your photographer captures. So, remember that holiday photos aren’t supposed to be a chore. They’re a time to celebrate your family, by having fun with them.

Embrace the Unexpected

Rain happens. Toddler temper tantrums happen. Pets misbehave. But if you embrace whatever happens, you might just be delighted by the way things turn out. A grass-stained pant-leg, a child who refuses to smile, or even “rain-hair” are part of life. Instead of resisting things you didn’t plan for, just embrace them. There’s so much beauty in imperfection.

Be Yourselves

Avoid trying to be someone you’re not. If you’re a laid-back family, stick to casual poses rather than anything that looks too staged or formal. If you’re not a publicly affectionate group, don’t try to force that either, as it won’t look natural. Just be yourselves, and let your photographer capture your unique personalities.

To schedule a holiday family photography session this season, contact us today. We are excited to meet you and your family.