Whether you provide products or services, putting a face to your business is paramount in today’s digital world. Here’s a look at how a professional headshot for you and your employees will help your business stand out.

A Professional Headshot Humanizes Your Business

More than anything, a professional headshot helps to humanize your business. Company photos help consumers looking for goods or services put a face to the name of your business. To put it another way, photos of executives and team members enable potential clients and customers to see who is behind the proverbial curtain.

Professional Headshots Show You Value Your Team

Businesses that include photos of staff members publicly demonstrate how proud they are of the team they’ve built. By including professional headshots of your employees, you convey that your company is more than just its top executive. Professional company photos indicate to clients and customers that you are proud to have certain people working with you. Staff photos also show your team that you value them.

If you don’t have a team working with you, don’t stress. You can include photos of contractors or a family member who helps you book appointments or handles your bookkeeping. If you’re a solo practitioner, but your dog joins you in your office, consider adding a photo of your pet to your website.

Photos Help Forge Connections with Clients/Customers

In the same way that a professional headshot may humanize a business, professional photos can build connections with potential customers before you even meet them. For example, consider those who are hiring a new attorney. By looking at the law firm website, and professional photos online, they are likely to feel like they already know their advocate at least a little bit before meeting in person.

Company Photos Help Showcase Your Company Culture

Professional company photos provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the culture of your company. If your team participates in community service work, professional photos showing you and your staff working to better the world can help build your brand as a company that believes in giving back.

If your company is known for team building, including professional photos of your team on a retreat or enjoying Food Truck Friday, for example, can showcase the culture within your organization.

Even the style of the professional headshot you choose can say a lot about your culture. Do you want your team in casual attire? Do you want black and white photos? Do you want your photos to be indoors or outside? Do you want poses or candid shots? Headshots of your team can be as playful or as traditional as you’d like.

Team Photos Can Help to Recruit Top Talent

Professional corporate photos may even help with your recruiting efforts. Through sharing who and what your company stands for, talented individuals may find the culture of your organization a reason to apply.

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