Dog lovers are easy to identify. A quick swipe through the photos on their phone, and you’re bound to find countless photos of their canine companion. Whether the shots are selfies that have been photobombed by a wily pup, or snaps of their pup looking flat-out adorable while sleeping, even amateur dog photography is wildly popular. But, if you want to take your love for your dog to the next level, it’s time to schedule a professional photo shoot. Here are 5 reasons to book your best friend a photo shoot ASAP.

They Won’t Be Young (or Old) Forever

It’s an unfortunate reality that dogs age a whole lot faster than humans. So, if you’ve recently added a puppy to your home, scheduling a photo shoot early on is important. They will be out of that puppy phase before you know it. Likewise, if your dog has been with you for some time, you may want to capture your senior dog’s sweet, frosted face, by scheduling a photo shoot with a professional who specializes in dog photography.

Dog Photography Makes Awesome Wall Art

Rather than purchasing stock photos or mass-produced prints for your home, artistically shot pet photos can make for beautiful, wholly unique artwork. Action shots of your dog, close-ups of faces, or a perfectly captured curious expression can turn into frame-worthy, eye-catching art. Just like with family photos, or business photos, you can select whether you want your pet shot in black-and-white, color, or a combination.

Dog Photography Means a Fun Shoot for the Whole Family

When it comes to getting professional photos taken of your dog(s), prepare to have fun. The photo shoot itself is likely to lead to lasting memories, as you try (perhaps in vain) to get your rambunctious puppy to sit still long enough for a photo. You may wind up with great shots of your entire family, attempting to smile nicely while your dog is more interested in licking your face mid-shoot.

Professional photo shoots with your dog can be done in virtually all the same locations you would choose for your engagement photos or professional family photos. Photos of, or with, your dog can be taken in your home, in a park, on the coast, or in a studio.

You’ll Have Photos of You and Your Dog (That Aren’t Selfies!)

For all the photos on your phone of your dog, or your dog and your children playing, there is likely a distinct lack of photos of you and your dog that aren’t selfies. Scheduling a professional pet photo shoot ensures that you are finally in some of the photos with your beloved pup.

Professional Photos Help You Keep Your Dog in Your Heart Forever

We know that dogs don’t live as long as we wish they would. Professional dog photography helps ensure that even when our pets pass on, they remain forever in our hearts and our memories, through photos.

Dog Photography Sessions Available from LifeSlice Photography

Serving all of Lane County, LifeSlice Photography is the area’s premier full-service professional photography studio. Our photographers love animals and welcome the opportunity to immortalize your dog, cat, horse, or any other pet, with professional pet photography. Contact us today to schedule a photo shoot for your pet.