There’s a lot of work that goes into planning a family event, corporate event, or special occasion. From coordinating dates, times, guests, and venue, planning and hosting an event can be a lot of work. But there’s a reason why they are worth it. Events bring people together to celebrate, strategize, unify, and have fun. Hire an event photographer to capture all the special moments of your next event! With LifeSlice, you’ll also have access to ActivePure technology to safely sanitize any indoor event you host.

Event Photos Allow You to Share the Event with Others

When you hire an event photographer for a personal or family occasion, you can include those who could not attend by sharing the photos. Whether you share via email, social media, or a private website, event photos can make everyone feel like they are part of a special day.

Event Photos Make Great Gifts

Consider hiring a professional photographer if you’d like to be able to gift others with a framed print, photo album, or other personalized gift. For example, consider a family member who is celebrating a milestone birthday or graduation. Having a photographer capture the smiles, the surprise, or the pride can create a lasting gift your family member will love. Business owners may also take advantage of reprints for gifting employees with prints or framed photos to show appreciation.

Photos of Your Event Are Great Marketing and Advertising Tools

When businesses hire an event photographer to document a retreat, training session, charity event, or holiday event, you’re also investing in your marketing. After all, event photos can be added to your business website, social media, and other marketing materials. You may choose to use some of the shots in your advertisements, brochures, or other branding efforts.

An Event Photographer Can Ensure You Get the Shots You Want

When you hire an experienced event photographer, they will welcome a shot list. Perhaps you want a shot of the SVP of your company speaking to new hires. Maybe you want to ensure that cousins who grew up together strike the same pose as they did in an iconic family photo from childhood. At a wedding, you may want to ensure the newlyweds have individual shots with specific friends, family, or pets. Hiring an event photographer allows you to pre-select shots that you want.

Tips for Helping Your Photographer Get the Shots You Want

To ensure the photographer gets amazing shots during your event, it’s helpful to provide them with a few pointers. Here are a few ways to make sure you get the photos you want for your special occasion.

  •  Provide the venue as soon as you’ve secured it, so they can get familiar with it
  • Give the photographer a shot list
  • Send the photographer a schedule of the most special or important times (keynote speaker, when the guest of honor will arrive, etc.)
  • Designate any times/events that you don’t want photos taken
  • Introduce them to the individuals you have on your shot list

Top Event Photographer in Lane County

LifeSlice Photography provides premium quality event photography throughout Lane County and beyond. With hundreds of five-star ratings online and multiple awards, LifeSlice Photography is passionate about capturing the moments that matter.

COVID-Safe Practices

To ensure the safest event experience, we have ActivePure technology that sanitizes air and surfaces for up to a 3000 sq. ft. space. It effectively reduces over 99.9% of CoV-2 that causes Covid-19, viruses, bacteria, and mold. This technology is fully mobile and available for any indoor events scheduled with LifeSlice.

To schedule photography for an event, company headshots, wedding, engagement, or other special occasions, contact us online or call 541-914-7977.