Few life events are more exciting than welcoming a new baby. Whether it’s your first baby, or you’re giving your children a new sibling, growing your family is a big deal! So why not capture this incredibly exciting period in your life by scheduling a professional maternity photography session? Here’s a look at some of the many reasons parents-to-be should consider booking a maternity photoshoot.

Create a Family Tree Keepsake

While you’re likely to use prints from your maternity shoot in a variety of ways, you’ll also have a beautiful keepsake to share with your child. As the years pass, the photo can be passed on to each new generation, documenting your family tree.

Celebrate Your Body’s Amazing Transition

Not everyone feels their best during pregnancy. However, the body’s magnificent transformation during pregnancy is worth commemorating. This is particularly true since most people only have this experience a couple of times (at most) during life. Professional maternity photos will showcase just how radiant and powerful you are, even if you’re feeling exhausted.

Use Your Maternity Photography as Art

Photos captured during pregnancy have evolved to become true works of art. Whether you intend to hang the prints in your newborn’s room, or you have plans for a stunning photo front-and-center where guests can see it, artistic maternity pictures serve as eye-catching centerpieces in your home.

Announce Your Pregnancy with Gorgeous Shots

Maternity photos are a great way to announce that your family is growing. Photos can be printed and mailed with announcements, used for baby shower invitations, shared online, or emailed to loved ones to share your excitement. Likewise, a maternity photo provides a great backdrop for a safe gender reveal announcement to the world.

Bond with Your Partner and Family

If you’re having your first child, a maternity photography session with your partner is a lovely way to document your journey together. Professional photos can capture the intimacy, anticipation, and incredible bond you share with your partner. If you’re adding to your family, you might want to bring everyone along (including your pets) to turn your maternity shoot into a fun-filled family photoshoot that you’ll remember forever.

Enjoy Getting Dressed Up

If you’re nearing the end of pregnancy, you may feel like you live in stretchy pants and baggy tops. Maternity photography sessions provide the perfect opportunity to break up the monotony and get dressed up. You might even want to truly pamper yourself with a trip to the hairstylist and/or makeup artist to indulge in a bit of luxury.

Unique Maternity Photography in Lane County

LifeSlice Photography loves capturing the beauty of growing families. Whether you’d like to schedule a private shoot in your home with your partner, opt for artistic black and white photos in nature, or schedule family photos that include the one-on-the-way, we’re here to provide you with wonderful photographic memories to last a lifetime. To schedule or to discuss ideas for a maternity photoshoot, contact us online or call 541-914-7977.