We’ve come a long way since the first documented photograph was taken in 1826. Indeed, the world of photography has advanced right along with other technologies. Today, nearly 200 years after the first static photograph was taken, the possibilities are endless when it comes to documenting moments in time. Some of the most innovative and increasingly popular types of pictures are known as composite images. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box family photos, surreal engagement pictures, or even fantastical pet photos, you’ll accomplish it through the careful blending and editing of multiple images. Discover composite photography ideas to inspire your next photoshoot.

What Is Composite Photography?

Composite photography is the process of blending multiple images into one final photo. There are a few common ways that photos are frequently blended, which include:

  • Deceiving Photos
  • Fantasy Photos
  • Movement Photos
  • Story-Telling Photos

Deceiving Photos

You can find deceiving photos with minimal effort. Deceptive photographs circulate widely online. Deceiving photos aim to trick the viewer. By blending two or more photos, deceiving photos can “prove” something happened, even though a trained eye will notice the deception. You may decide a deceiving photo is the perfect graduation gag or engagement gift to friends or loved ones.

Fantasy Photos

Unlike deceiving photos, which aim to trick the viewer, fantasy photos are meant to show something utterly impossible. For example, you may take a wedding photo and then blend it with a photo of the moon, making it appear you were married on the moon. The idea with fantasy photos is to create something surreal but riveting by using multiple images.

Movement Photos

Showing movement in a photo is a form of composite photography that is frequently used to capture athletes in motion. This type of photo will lay multiple images taken in rapid succession over one another resulting in a photograph that looks like the subject is in motion. When an expert blends these photos, the outcome can be phenomenal.

Story-Telling Photos

Story-telling photos are often a hybrid of deceiving and movement photos. Their purpose is to tell a story in a photograph. Expert photographers can blend multiple images to create a wonderful, wordless tale. Story-telling photos to document a marriage proposal, for example, could be a clever way to announce to your loved ones that you’ll be getting married. Likewise, story-telling photos can be created to document a particularly special period in your life, such as the blissful chaos of raising small children.

Composite Photography in Lane County

If you’re looking to create a unique keepsake, gift, announcement, or personalized work of art, composite photography may be the way to go. Using the advances of technology in photography, LifeSlice Photography can help you create a personal masterpiece, which makes everyone who sees it do a double- or triple-take. In other words, if you can imagine it, LifeSlice Photography can help you to create it. To schedule a photoshoot with our friendly, award-winning photographers, or to discuss ideas for blending photos, contact us online or call 541-914-7977.