Whether you need a professional headshot for your website, resume, business card, marketing materials, online biography, or your company has scheduled photos for the whole staff, deciding what to wear for professional headshots can be a nuisance. Though there is no one-size-fits-all “best” outfit, there are best practices that tend to result in gorgeous images. Read on for the best tips on what to wear for professional headshots.

Professional vs. Business Casual: Consider the Industry

Not so long ago, professional attire left little room for variation, with suits being the name of the game. In some industries, professional attire is still the norm. But many industries have relaxed dress codes, allowing and even encouraging comfortable casualness. Irrespective of your personal preference, it’s smart to consider the company you work for or the industry you want to work in when planning your attire. 

Solid or Print?

Patterned or striped clothing can result in what is known as the moiré effect. Caused by repeating patterns, it can result in images that look wavy or blurry. To prevent this distracting effect, it’s smart to stick with solid colors instead of graphic patterns, even if your photo is decidedly casual. 

Classic vs. Trendy Accessories

Different styles come and go, but your professional headshot may be used for years. Think carefully about super trendy accessories, such as hair clips, earrings, necklaces, and watches in your headshots. When in doubt, opt for classic, understated accessories to ensure your photo doesn’t look dated before you have your next photos taken. 

Can’t Decide What to Wear for Professional Headshots? Try Different Looks

If possible, take headshots in at least two different outfits. This way, if one of them doesn’t result in your desired outcome, you’ll have a second option. If both look great, you’ll have more than one headshot to use for various platforms, marketing efforts, etc. 

Consider Colors and Lighting

Certain lighting can make light colors appear even lighter in your headshots. Bold, neutral colors such as black and navy, and light neutrals like cream and white are less likely to be muted in your photo. When in doubt about what to wear for professional headshots, you can’t go wrong with a light neutral shirt under a dark neutral blazer. 

Pay Attention to Necklines

No matter if you’re wearing professional attire or casual attire, you should give some consideration to the neckline of your shirt. A wide, swooping, loose, or scoop neckline may look great in person, but it may not be the best choice for a professional headshot. You can always have a friend snap a quick photo before the day of your photo, so you can see if that deep V-neck sweater is the best choice, after all. 

Professional Headshots in Lane County

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