Getting engaged is a big deal. Whether you are someone who loves to share your news with everyone you know (and don’t know) or you like to keep things more private, hiring an engagement photographer is something you’ll be grateful you did. An engagement photographer can take photos of you and your loved one that will last a lifetime. Additionally, you can use these photos for all kinds of announcements prior to your wedding. But, when should you book an engagement photographer?

Some Key Considerations

Every couple is different, but typically the length of an engagement is 13 to 18 months long. It’s not uncommon for an engagement to be shorter than this though. 7 to 12 months is another common length for engagements. Regardless of how far out you plan your wedding, time passes fast. If you are putting together an engagement party, it’s great to incorporate professional photos of you and your partner. Similarly, you can use engagement photos in your wedding announcement. Beyond announcements and invitations, professional engagement photos are an excellent way to document your relationship as it grows.

Booking an Engagement Photographer for the Proposal

It’s not always possible to pull off this timing, but if you can, it’s a big treat. Hiring an engagement photographer to capture the moment your fiancé slips a ring on your finger offers a beautiful keepsake. Whether you plan to have a small group of family and friends or a larger, more public proposal, an engagement photographer will know where to be and how to take stunning shots.

Taking Photos 1-2 Months After You’re Engaged

Another great time to schedule engagement photos is 1-2 months after you’re engaged. At this point, there is still time to use the high-quality images from your photoshoot for your wedding announcement, wedding website, and even in your local newspaper. If you go this route, you’ll still want to look for an engagement photographer soon after you say “I do.” Photographers quickly fill up, especially during peak seasons.

Schedule a Session When You Set Your Wedding Date

If you choose to book an engagement photographer around the time you set your wedding date, you’ll still have time to incorporate the photos into cards and announcements. Keep in mind that it’s still ideal to be scheduling a photographer 8-10 months out from the wedding. This will give you plenty of time to select your favorite photos, design your cards, and then print and send them to your family and friends.

Plan Your Engagement Photoshoot Close to Your Wedding

A final idea for when to book an engagement photographer is to schedule them 2 or so months out from your big day. At this point, you likely won’t have the time to use these photos in a card or an announcement. However, you will have wonderful photos to use as keepsakes. You can also make the most of your photoshoot by scheduling your hair and makeup the same day. This will give a preview of your wedding day look.

Schedule a Photoshoot with LifeSlice Photography

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