If your child is beginning their final year of high school, it’s time to schedule your teen’s high school senior pictures. If you haven’t had other children take senior pictures lately, suffice it to say, a lot has changed. Read on for a checklist of what you need to know about your child’s senior year photos.

Deadlines for Submitting Photos May Be Earlier Than You Think

The deadline for submitting your child’s senior photos may sneak up on you. Make sure you book the photoshoot for early fall, as deadlines for submission to include in yearbooks are likely before the winter holiday break. Some schools may require photos as early as October.

High School Senior Pictures Have Come a Long Way

Senior photos are no longer limited to studio shots. Outdoor senior photos are more popular than ever. You and your teen must choose a venue if you want outdoor photos. In-studio photos are still perfectly acceptable, but your teen may have their own ideas. Popular outdoor settings for high school senior pictures include:

  • Woods/Forest
  • Lakeside/Riverside
  • Garden
  • City/Downtown
  • Sports Field
  • Farm
  • High School Campus

Plan for Weather Contingencies 

 If your teen plans to take outdoor photos, make sure you have a contingency plan. Although September and early October aren’t the wettest months of the year in Lane County, rain is always a possibility. So be sure you have a backup plan for bad weather.

Confirm Your Teen’s Schedule Before Scheduling

High school students are busier than ever. Between classes, homework, extracurriculars, sports, and jobs, teens are often as busy as parents. Be sure you have your child’s schedule before scheduling the photo shoot. This will prevent last-minute cancellations.

Book Your Student’s Photos Early

Photographers get booked up in early fall with high school senior pictures. Book your appointments early to ensure you get the photographer you want at a convenient time.

Book Hair Cuts or Color Appointments 

It may be wise to book a haircut or color for your teen a couple of weeks before the photoshoot. This will ensure that hair color is fresh and that the length and style look the way you want in their photos.

Agree Upon Outfits Ahead of Time

Plan your teen’s graduation photo clothing in advance to save yourself a potential argument. The last thing you need on the day of their photos is to find they don’t know what to wear or intend to wear something you don’t want them to wear. Find time a few weeks before their scheduled shoot to plan their outfits for the photos.

You may want to remind your teen that anything too trendy will likely be out of style in just a few years. Likewise, remember that fine repetitive details (patterns) in clothing can lead to what is known as the moiré effect, which results in extra stripes or lines in photos. 

Book Your High School Senior Pictures in Lane County Today

LifeSlice Photography is a top-rated photography studio in Lane County. Each year we look forward to helping seniors memorialize this special period in their life with beautiful senior photos. To book your teen’s high school senior pictures, call 541-914-7977 or send a message online.