If you’re hosting an event, you may be looking to immortalize the memories. Hiring an event photography specialist is your best bet for quality photos that capture every event detail while keeping your guests in the moment. 

Why Hire an Event Photographer

Hiring an event photographer may be one of the best choices you can make when planning your next event. Most everybody enjoys looking back on the memories made at events. With so much going into creating a successful event, you don’t want to miss out on capturing every detail. Event photography is a gift that keeps giving.

Roles of an Event Photographer

An event photographer may seem pretty cut and dry, but it’s more complex than just showing up and snapping pictures. An event photographer will work with you to figure out the fine details of capturing your event. Often they will work to create a shot list with you to ensure all the big moments and details are covered. Event photographers sometimes host gallery websites that allow you to share photos easily with guests.

Shot List Ideas For Your Event

Event photography often focuses on organically capturing the moment. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a shot list for your event photographer to follow, though. Some ideas of shots to include on your shot list are

  1. Place settings and decorations: Getting shots of all the hard work put into setting up the event can be rewarding to look back on. It can even be a way to catalog your event planning skills for personal use or if you’re looking to help host more events.
  2. Setup staff and vendors: If you are working with outside vendors to bring your event together, it’s always a nice gesture to have photos to share of the setup team or the vendors involved. If you’re posting your event on social media, it can bring mutual awareness to your brands.
  3. Organizers, hosts, and any other branding displayed: So much effort is put into bringing an event together, be sure to document the driving forces behind it. If you’re running solo, get some shots of yourself moving and grooving. If you have sponsors, have your event photographer take the time to photograph table hosts and sponsors. Every detail counts!
  4. Program photos: One of the essential parts of working with an event photographer is having them capture photos of planned segments throughout the event. If you have speakers, dances, or other engaging moments, let your photographer know the timeline to capture them.
  5. Guests mingling: Photos of your guests enjoying their time together are always a home run. Having an event photographer capture those moments will tell the story of how well your event went.

Generally speaking, working with an event photographer who understands the value of shareable pictures for yourself and others involved is important. Communicate your needs and expectations so that they can be met or exceeded.

Book Your Event Photographer

LifeSlice Photography enjoys being a part of your event. As a top-rated photography studio in Lane County, you can rest assured that you’ll have photos that leave a lasting impression. LifeSlice Photography is also available to shoot non-profit events. To learn more about hiring LifeSlice Photography for your next event, contact us today at 541-914-7977.