Your wedding day is likely to be of the most emotional, exciting, and romantic days of your life. However, if you’re like countless others, once the day has come to a close you may feel as if it passed in the blink of an eye, and you struggle to remember the details of it. The phenomenon is so common, some people have even dubbed it “wedding day amnesia.” Fortunately, romantic pictures taken by your wedding photographer can help to fill in the details you might miss while celebrating. Here are some tips for making your wedding day memories last, by memorializing the event with romantic pictures. 

Before the Wedding: Romantic Elements to Include in Your Décor

The venue and the décor you select for your wedding can help ensure you wind up with perfectly romantic pictures. To that end, when selecting your flowers, linens, tabletop décor, and accent elements, consider adding those that help foster romantic wedding photos such as:

  • Fairy lights
  • Votive candles
  • Soft lighting
  • Flower-covered trellis or arch
  • Sheer drapes on chairs, tables, etc.
  • Chandeliers

Consider that soft, or muted colors also tend to result in photos that feel romantic. So you may wish to choose soft pink, peach, blush, and ivory tones to bring out a romantic aesthetic in your wedding photos.

Making the Most Out of Your Romantic Pictures

There are standard photos that most couples request from their wedding photographer. These include shots of the bride walking down the aisle, and the partners exchanging rings. Other popular shots include candid photos of the spouse at the altar, as their partner begins to make their way to the altar. All these shots typically result in romantic final images.

However, once the ceremony is completed, you’ll have the opportunity to level up the romantic vibes for your photos. Examples of these shots that translate into ethereal images include:

Dance With a Twirl

Partners who twirl their bride often find that this whimsical action results in very romantic pictures, with hair blowing, veils blowing, or the train of the dress swirling around. 

Temple Kiss

While kissing pictures are certainly romantic, sometimes the less common kisses result in the most memorable and the most romantic photos. This is certainly the case with partners who are holding one another, while one kisses the other near the temple.

Forehead Kiss

Forehead kisses convey tenderness and intimacy, which is a feeling you’ll love remembering after your big day has passed. Although you may pose for this shot when you’re alone with your photographer, don’t be surprised if your photographer also catches you in this candid pose during your reception or first dance. 

Gazing into Each Other’s Eyes

Gazing directly into your spouse’s eyes, often while holding hands between your bodies is a surefire way to capture the romantic spirit of the day. 

Whispering to Your Partner

Because whispering implies a deep bond between two people, this intimate pose is also a great option if you want to ensure you wind up with romantic photos. 

Try Your Photographer’s Suggestions

Another way to ensure you get the romantic pictures you want, is to ask your photographers for tips. Photographers can recommend compositions, incorporating the best elements of the venue, outdoors, and lighting to get you photos that will forever help you remember the joy and love of the day for years to come. 

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