Winter may not be the first season that comes to mind for engagement photos. However, you might be surprised by all of the benefits of booking your photo session during the coldest months of the year. From fewer crowds to flexible dates, there are many ways couples can benefit from booking engagement photos in the winter. 

Your Photos Can Be Repurposed Many Times Before the Big Day

Wedding season typically lasts from May to October. For couples planning to marry during peak wedding season, having your engagement pictures taken in the winter allows you to incorporate your photos in myriad ways leading up to the big day. 

Engagement photos done in the winter are often used for summer and fall wedding communications including:

  • Save The Dates (Print or Electronic)
  • Wedding Invitations (Print or Electronic)
  • Bridal Shower Invitations
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Invitations
  • Wedding Websites
  • Gift Registries
  • Thank You Cards 

Engagement photographs are also often used on the wedding day for things like:

  • Guest list table
  • Gift table
  • Framed on reception tables
  • Videos showed during the reception 

Greater Date Flexibility

Top-reviewed wedding photographers are extremely busy during wedding season. This means they have less flexibility with dates for your photo shoots. However, winter is a slower season, which often provides greater flexibility on dates and times for your engagement shoot.

Enhanced Privacy

One of the biggest perks of booking winter engagement photo sessions is the lack of crowds. For example, if you want your engagement photos shot on a popular hiking trail, by the river or waterfall that is normally bustling in the summer, you may find you have total privacy in the winter. Likewise, bustling downtown areas are typically free of people during the colder months, so you’ll be able to capture outdoor shots without strangers watching.

Option of a Snowy Background

Although we may not get a lot of snow in the Willamette Valley, there’s reliable snow just an hour away in the Cascades during the winter months. Snowy backgrounds allow colors to stand out beautifully in the shot. 

Opportunity for Variety

If your wedding is in the summer, your winter engagement photo session allows you to show off winter clothing styles and venues. For example, although you may be planning a garden wedding in July, you may opt to have your engagement pictures feature you and your partner in cozy sweaters in front of a fireplace. 

Plenty of Time to Make Changes 

Since wedding photographers are generally not as busy during the post-holiday winter months, you’ll likely get your images back quickly. Seeing your engagement pictures early also gives you time to determine which poses you love, and to make changes before your wedding. You may decide you want to change your hair color or style. You may decide that you and your partner could use a little practice in looking more natural. You may discover that certain poses are exceptionally flattering. Indeed, your engagement pictures can serve as a helpful trial run before your wedding.

Book Your Winter Engagement Photos in Lane County

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