There is no “wrong” time to book a professional photo shoot for your baby. You also can’t book too many sessions. Deciding when or how often to document the rapidly changing stages of your baby’s life is a wonderfully personal choice. But, if you can’t decide when you want to get baby pictures done, read on for tips, ideas, and things to consider when booking your photo shoot.

Newborn Baby Pictures

With all the excitement of your baby’s arrival, you may not think about the need to book newborn pictures. While in many cases, you may be able to book the session after your child has arrived, keep in mind that during busy seasons for photographers, you may have fewer scheduling options than you will if you book the session in advance. Plus, you may be very tired during those first weeks and months and forget to schedule your session. So, it’s best to schedule your newborn baby pictures during your second or third trimester to ensure you get a convenient appointment. 

Holiday Baby Photos

Parents love using children’s pictures for holiday cards, so if you’re planning to send holiday cards featuring your newest family member, be sure you book the session in late summer or early autumn.  Holiday themes or locations can be staged or suggested by your photographer, even when the weather is still warm. 

Baby Milestones

Some families want to mark each significant milestone with professional baby pictures. In addition to newborn photos, if you want to capture significant changes to your baby’s development, you may consider using rough milestones as a guideline.

At 3-4 months your baby is likely beginning to smile. This is a great age for capturing sweet photos of your infant. Using a soft, comfortable pillow prop to support your baby’s head, together with your photographer, you can often get an early smile out of your child through fun or silly sounds and engagement.   

At about six months old, many babies can sit up without assistance when they are. So, you may want to plan a photo session around the time that they will mark 6-8 months.  

Standing is a bit more difficult to estimate, but most babies will begin pulling themselves to a standing position when they are between 9 months and 1 year old. You may therefore choose to book a session for baby photos when your infant is nearing their first birthday. If your child needs a chair, block, or other structure to hold onto, that’s perfectly fine. Photos of your baby holding onto a chair, a parent’s leg, or another object are adorable.  

A child’s first birthday is also a popular time for baby pictures. Your baby likely has a few tiny teeth to showcase.  It’s also easy to schedule since you can book your photographer well in advance to document your child’s first birthday.

After their first birthday, babies continue to develop at an astonishing rate. Between 12-18 months they will likely be walking, and you can capture some darling photos of early steps. 

Tips to Remember When Scheduling Baby Photos

Beautiful baby pictures can be taken at any time. But here are a few tips to ensure you get the photos you want.

  • Booking in advance is best to ensure you get days and times that are convenient
  • Avoid booking the appointment during their regular nap time
  • Consider the season and weather if you want to do outdoor photos
  • Remember that photographers are often extremely busy during wedding season (May-September), so if you’re booking then, book early.
  • Your child will develop astonishingly quickly, so book frequent photos to capture all their early achievements. 

Newborn, Baby, and Children’s Photographer in Lane County

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