Planning to book family photos this summer? If so, it’s best to book them as soon as possible in the spring, to ensure your photographer is available. Because many award-winning photographers will also be in demand for weddings, the earlier you can schedule your photo shoot, the better.  

Six Reasons Summer is the Perfect Season for Family Photos

To be clear, there is no wrong time to schedule your family photos. However, summer offers a lot of unique benefits for your family portraits. Here are six reasons that summer is the best season for taking family photos.

Warm Weather Offers Amazing Outdoor Photo Options

Family photos in 2023 are a far cry from the Sears family portraits of years past. Today, just as many, if not more families prefer to have their photos taken outside. Summer is the perfect time to do it. 

You’re less likely to have your outdoor photos rained out in the summer since the driest season in Lane County runs from May 9 – October 14. The ground is also likely to be dry, which makes it much more comfortable to include both standing and seated photos. Even better, your family isn’t at risk of shivering during the photo shoot. In fact, your family may even choose to go barefoot!

Don’t forget that everything is alive in the summer. From flowering trees to blooming flowers, to rushing rivers, everything is a bit more vibrant in the summer. So, if you’re looking for colorful photos in nature, near a river, at a farm, at a park, or the beach, summer’s warm weather makes for an enjoyable photo experience.

Older Children are Home from College

If you have older children who are away at school, the last thing they likely want to do when home for a quick break is to go to a family photo shoot. But, if they come home for several months during the summer, they’ll have plenty of time to be included.

Your Photo Shoot May Be More Relaxed

In the summer, you and your family will be free of bulky sweaters, coats, scarves, and boots which can make the experience less comfortable. Likewise, with fewer responsibilities, both parents and children may feel calmer in general, which can translate to easy, relaxed smiles in your photos. Without the stress of homework, making lunches, or getting to bed on time, your family can just enjoy the experience.

You’ll Have Excellent Lighting

Longer daylight means that you’ll have the benefit of natural light if your family is taking outdoor photos. If you like, you can even time your photoshoot to coincide with the setting sun. 

You May Be Able to Include More Family Members

If you want your extended family to join your photos, they are also probably less busy in the summer than during the holidays or the school year. Summer is a great time to invite aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins to join in a large family reunion photo shoot. 

Younger Children Have More Free Time

Kids are so busy during the school year. In addition to school and sports, they often have at least one extracurricular activity that can make scheduling difficult.  When you book your family photos during the summer, it is likely to be easier to find a convenient time for your younger children.

Book Your Summer Family Photo Shoot Today

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