Between June and September, most families who organize regular or semi-regular family events will be coming together at a family reunion. Whether your family reunion spans a single day or several days, you’ll want to book your family photographer as soon as your dates are settled. But why should you book a photographer when everyone has a camera on their phone? Here are 6 reasons to book a photographer for your family reunion. 

Avoid an Album of Selfies 

Selfies are here to stay. But there’s a lot to be said for photos shot from a distance, photos without an extended arm, and photos that aren’t shot from above using a selfie stick. Having a professional photographer at your family reunion will ensure that you have plenty of wonderful options for angles, without making anyone run back to the group to make the timed shot. When you hire a photographer for your family photos, you’ll receive high-quality, perfectly framed, and beautifully creative photos. 

Your Photographer Will Capture Candid Shots

If you’ve ever looked through a wedding photo album, you know that some of the most beautiful photos result when the people in them don’t know they are being photographed. The same will be true at your reunion. In addition to group photos, your photographer will capture the unplanned, unexpected, and heartfelt in beautiful images you might otherwise miss.

Update Family Photos with New Family Members

Booking a photographer for your family reunion ensures that new arrivals, new spouses, new pets, etc., are included in the most recent images you have of your family.

The Final Photos Make Excellent Presents

Long after the reunion is complete, you’ll be able to transport your loved ones back to the joy of the day, with framed photos or photo albums, which happen to make incredible gifts.

Capture Multiple Generations

For many families, who are spread out geographically, a regular reunion is the only time everyone gets together. This makes it the perfect time to capture multiple generations, in a professionally shot photograph. 

Share the Cost of Professional Photography

Sharing the cost of professional photography with family members is a great way to save money. Indeed, pooling money from family members can help make hiring a photographer incredibly inexpensive per person. 

Summer is a Great Time for Family Reunion Photo Shoots

The best time for a reunion is when it works best for your family. However, summer does offer some unique benefits that make it a particularly good time of year to have your gathering photographed by a professional:

  • Natural outdoor beauty
  • Kids are not in school
  • Less risk of flight cancellations due to inclement weather
  • Forgo venue fees by hosting the event at the beach, or in a park for free
  • Children and teens may have fewer extracurricular activities
  • Longer daylight hours for travel (and daytime/sunset photos!)
  • Better weather for outdoor photos

Book a Photographer for Your Family Event in Lane County

If you’re already looking forward to reuniting with siblings, cousins, nieces, and grandparents, now is the time to book your photographer.  LifeSlice Photography is a multi-award-winning photography studio based in Lane County. Our top Google-reviewed husband and wife team have decades of experience capturing the memories you’ll cherish for years to come. To book our team for your reunion or other event, call 541-914-7977, or send us a message.