Black and white photos are timeless for good reason. The very first photograph ever taken, nearly 200 years ago, was in black and white. After thousands of years without photographic documentation of humanity, it only took another 35 years for innovation to bring us color photography. Yet, even with all the advancements in resolution, definition, color correcting, and editing, black and white photos remain an incredibly popular choice for professional photo shoots. Here are some of the reasons these classic photos are still so captivating.

Black and White Photos Remove Distractions Due to Color

Black and white photos often appear less “busy” because the viewer isn’t distracted by bold colors. As such the focus is on the image, rather than auxiliary objects or backgrounds. This makes black and white suitable for settings with busy backgrounds, such as wedding receptions. 

Shadows and Lighting Can Be Easily Manipulated

When your professional photographer shoots your photos in neutral tones, they can leverage the contrasts of shadows, light, and darkness to create sophisticated, yet uncomplicated images. This leads to gorgeous effects in outdoor settings, such as mountains, forest, or beaches. 

Black and White Pictures May Tell a Different Story

In some cases, color can take away from the theme of the story you want to tell with your photos. You may wish to document a specific moment in time, without the adornment of colorful accessories. This is one reason that maternity photos shot in black and white look so elegant. 

Enhances Features

It seems counterintuitive, but black and white photographs seem to enhance facial features with pristine clarity. This can be attributed to sharper contrasts, rather than softer contrasts created in color. It’s not surprising that many brides opt for at least some close-up images. 

Photos May Look More Artistic or Dramatic

Black and white photographs pay homage to classic images, yet many find them to yield photos that look incredibly artistic. If you have an artistic leaning, you may opt for engagement photos, or senior pictures shot in black and white. 

It’s is an Excellent Choice for Minimalist Photos

For simple, minimalist photos that draw your attention solely to the subject, black and white photos are the gold standard. Newborn photos, professional headshots, and pet photos result in gorgeous images.

The Best of Both Worlds: Black and White & Color

When it comes to photos of your milestone, your child’s special event, or the blending of families, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Black and white photos can be transformed into color by your photographer, and color photos can be made into black and white images at your request. If you’re unsure whether color or grayscale is right for your photo shoot, ask your photographer for their recommendation. Experienced photographers will have an uncanny ability to leverage light, color, and shadows to ensure you get final photos that perfectly capture the joy, excitement, accomplishments, and love you want to remember forever. 

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