Today, roughly 2 out of every 3 households in the U.S. has a pet, with dogs and cats being the most popular. Moreover, pets are considered family members by a whopping 85% of dog owners, and 76% of cat owners. It’s no surprise then, that professional pet photography has also exploded in popularity. So, if you’re a proud pet owner who’s interested in booking your first pet photography session and want to ensure you have an outstanding experience read on for 6 tips to make the photoshoot a success.

1. Select a Photographer Who is Experienced with Pet Photography

Photographers who enjoy taking photos of pets are liable to advertise it on their website. So before you book the first photographer you see online, look to see if they have a portfolio of their pet photography. If they don’t feature pets on their website, continue your search. Professionals who enjoy taking photos of animals will welcome bookings for your cat, dog, or other pet.

2. Plan Your Pet’s Photo Shoot with Your Photographer

Experienced photographers can be a goldmine of ideas for you and your animal companion. So don’t be afraid to ask for their recommendations regarding venue, location, time of day, etc. You may even wish to pick your photographer’s brain for ideas on playing vs. sitting photos, indoor vs. outdoor, and photos of the pet alone or with you.

3. Consider Grooming Your Pet Before their Photo Shoot

You may want to book your pet photo session close to a grooming session or soon after you know you have time to bathe your pets. That way, your pet will look their best on the big day. Ensure your pet doesn’t have fleas or skin conditions that cause them to scratch, to get the best photos. 

4. Calm Your Pet Before Your Pet Photo Shoot

You know your pet better than anyone. If your young puppy, for example, is a wild ball of energy, you may decide that a long walk before your scheduled photo shoot will help them to settle down to have their photos taken. On the other hand, an older cat or dog may tire out easily, so you should postpone their exercise until after the photo shoot. Whatever puts your pet in a happy, relaxed state is a good idea before arriving for your pet photography session. 

5. Book Your Pet Photos Between Mealtimes

Pets often have the same feeding schedule every day. As such, it’s best to schedule their photos between meals so they aren’t hungry or excited about mealtime. 

6. Bring a Bag of Your Pet’s Favorite Treats, Toys, and Supplies

Pack a bag of supplies to bring with you to your pet photo shoot. This may include treats for getting your dog to do tricks in front of the camera. You may want to bring your cat’s favorite feather toys or laser pointers. Your dog may like amusing themselves with toys or favorite bones between photos. Make sure to bring a bowl and water for them as well. 

In addition, a grooming brush can be useful for sprucing up your pet before their photos. If you want your pet to wear outfits, remember to pack those as well. Finally, don’t forget to pack a leash and poop bags for cleaning up after them.

Book a Professional Photo Shoot for Your Pet in Lane County

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