Long gone are the days when the need for a professional headshot (AKA commercial headshot) was exclusive to executive board members and company management. Today, companies of all sizes frequently share information about their businesses via employee bios and headshots. Moreover, job seekers often find that prospective employers wish to view candidates’ professional social media pages, which include professional headshots. So how do you ensure you get a great professional headshot? Follow these tips.

1. Select an Experienced Photographer

Whether you’re having your entire team photographed or booking a professional headshot for yourself, take some time to select the right photographer. You may wish to look for things like:

  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • Do they have a portfolio of headshots on their website?
  • Are they available for indoor and outdoor headshots?
  • Do they have good online reviews (Google, etc.)? 
  • Do they have any awards or accreditations?

LifeSlice Photography is certified by Professional Photographers of America. Our experienced photographers ensure your headshots are professional and lit correctly in any setting to communicate the sense of connection and professionalism with clients.

2. Choosing Your Clothing

Before the day of your photoshoot, it’s helpful to spend time deciding what you will wear the day of your photoshoot. Here are tips for choosing the perfect outfit.

  • Stick with solid colors to ensure that your clothing isn’t distracting
  • If possible, bring more than one outfit
  • Don’t dress overly formally or overly casually for your career 
  • Avoid clothing that has obvious signs of wear (faded, loose collar, frayed threads)
  • Select classic pieces rather than trendy patterns or styles so that your headshots won’t be dated next season
  • Wear subtle, attractive, but not necessarily bold, oversized, or statement jewelry

3. Book any Cosmetic Appointments in Advance of Your Photoshoot

If you don’t need a haircut, color, or beard trim, you don’t need to book a special appointment. But if you’re nearly due for an appointment, book it about a week before your photoshoot so that your hair color, style, and overall appearance are how you want it for your headshots.  

4. Relax and Have Fun

Try to arrive for your photo shoot well-rested, hydrated, and relaxed. This will help you look your best in your photo. Aim to get plenty of sleep, eat at least something small before your photo shoot, and approach your photo shoot with confidence. This will translate into plenty of terrific images that you can choose to use as your professional headshot.

Book Your Professional Headshot in Lane County

LifeSlice Photography is an award-winning photography studio in Lane County. Our husband and wife team are available for individual or company-wide headshots at your location, our studio, or at a venue of your choosing. To book your appointment, call 541-914-7977, or send us a message and we will respond promptly.