Professional family photos capture much of what can’t be captured with amateur eyes. They help create cozy feelings in our homes. They remind us of how far we’ve come. Family photos also leave a lasting record for future generations. Here are 5 reasons you won’t want to miss out on the time-tested tradition of booking professional family photoshoots.

Professional Photos Capture Moments in Time

None of us will ever be as young as we are today. As time marches on, we change, our children change, our pets change. Sometimes, it feels like if you even blink, you’ll miss so much. Fortunately, family pictures ensure that important stages in our lives are preserved so we can cherish them down the road. Whether it’s a family gathering, a holiday celebration, or the birth of a grandchild, professional photography can help capture what makes these moments so special.

Family Pictures Immortalize Loved Ones

Family pictures help us remember our loved ones so even after they are gone, they are never forgotten. That’s why it is so fun to include grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and pets in family photo sessions. No matter what the future holds for your loved ones, by including them in your family pictures, you keep them close for years to come.

Professional Family Photos Mark Change and Growth

Regular family photo sessions allow you to see your family grow and change over time. If opting to have your photos in your home, you’ll look back at the various places you have called home. If taken outside, you’ll see changing seasons, changing heights, and children turning into adults. Indeed, family photos will create a lovely walk down memory lane that you can take any time you’d like.

Creative Family Photos Are One-of-a-Kind Art

Family photography has come a long way from a Sears portrait studio. Today, photos can be customized to create wholly unique pieces of art that you can pass down through generations. You can choose serene or alternately wild locations. You can opt for black-and-white photos, or add special effects to them. When you choose family pictures for art, you can be certain you’ll never walk into someone else’s home and see the same print hanging on their wall.

Your Family Pictures Won’t Just Live on Your Phone

Family pictures that are never printed and live only on your phone are difficult to pass down to younger generations. But when you book professional family photos, you’ll receive printed copies with every photo session. You can customize your session to include additional prints for friends and loved ones, giving them something they can enjoy in their own homes.

Creative, Affordable Family Photo Shoots from LifeSlice Photography

LifeSlice Photography is Lane County’s top professional photography studio. Whether you need photos to commemorate a special event like a wedding or engagement, or you’re dreaming of a unique locale for your family pictures, LifeSlice can do it all. As a certified professional photographer, we’ve won numerous awards for our work and would love to photograph your family. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a session.