After months or perhaps years of anticipation, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally getting to bring your newborn baby home. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to soak up every moment with them. However, as you’ll soon find, they grow fast! While it’s impossible to keep your baby this tiny forever, you can make sure you never forget these early days by booking a newborn photography session. A professional photoshoot with your baby will ensure that you can look back on this time for years to come. Here are seven newborn photography tips to prepare for your photoshoot.

1. Book Your Newborn Photography Session Early

Babies grow and change by the minute, so you’ll want to schedule your session with that in mind. Many newborn photo shoots are scheduled during your baby’s first two weeks through two months. Although it’s often impossible to know when your baby will officially enter the world, you can select your photographer and contact them. Top-reviewed photographers will be happy to make a note of an approximate date for a shoot.

2. Feed Your Baby Before the Session

Hungry babies tend to cry, so make sure you’ve fed your newborn 20-30 minutes before your photoshoot. This will help them to feel and look full and happy. It will help you relax too, as you’re not watching the clock too closely. Remember that your newborn photography appointment may take two hours, so be prepared to plan for a short feeding, if necessary.

3. Change Your Baby’s Diaper

A lot of new parents want their newborns photographed in just a diaper, so be sure your baby has a clean diaper. You may want to keep their diaper loose, so diaper marks are not visible. Many parents have found that a clean diaper and swaddling their babies before the session helps keep their baby happy.

4. Think About Props

If you want specific props in the photos, be sure to have them ready to go on the day of your newborn photography session. If there is nothing specific you want in the photos, that is perfectly fine. Your photographer will have plenty of items and props to create gorgeous images.

5. Plan Your Outfit

Many new parents aren’t thinking much of themselves in the early days of their baby’s lives. But years from now, you may wish you were in the photos with your brand-new baby. In case you’re going to be photographed with your baby, plan to be dressed for photos. You may want to consider these tips for your outfit during your newborn photography session.

  • Avoid super trendy clothing that may be outdated in a few years
  • Wear soft, neutral colors (cream, blush, ivory, muted colors)
  • Skip big accessories that may be distracting (earrings, bracelets, necklaces)

6. Prepare the Rest of Your Family for the Photo Session

Plan what other children will wear if they will be in the photos. Likewise, plan for them to come towards the end of the shoot. You may want to ask your partner or a friend to keep an eye on other children while the baby’s photos are in progress.

7. Enjoy the Photoshoot

Parents of newborns are understandably a bit nervous about doing new things with their babies. To the extent that you can, try to relax and let your professional photographer lead the session. Your photographer will have experience working with new parents and will do everything they can to help you relax.

Newborn Photos in Lane County

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