There are several milestones in life that deserve to be immortalized. Graduations are certainly one of them. If your family will soon include another high school or college graduate, it’s time to book your graduation photoshoot. Here’s why so many families are opting to hire a graduation photographer rather than leaving photos of the special day up to chance.

8 Reasons to Hire a Graduation Photographer

  • You Control the Weather

When you book a professional photographer for your graduation photos, it won’t matter if the weather cooperates. Your photo session can be booked in the studio, in another venue of your choosing such as a high school gymnasium, college classroom, or at home. Booking an indoor venue allows you the option to move outside, weather permitting.

  • Professional Lighting Makes Everything Perfect

Lighting is everything in photography. As such, experienced special event photographers are wizards when it comes to making perfect use of light.  With a professional behind the len

s, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be lit in the most flattering way.

  • Your Celebration Is Memorialized

Graduation is a big deal. It’s a much bigger deal than a regular school year, and students have regular school photos taken each year. So why wouldn’t you schedule professional photos for this exciting event? Graduation photos also ensure that you have high-quality photos marking this special time in your life, as opposed to photos taken on a phone from a distance, or with dozens of other people in the background. 

  • Your Favorite People (and Pets) Can Be Included

If you plan to have a family member take photos the day of your graduation, you may not get the photos with them and with other family members that you want. When you hire a p

rofessional photographer, you can provide them with a list of specific shots you want, like you would with a wedding photographer. That way, all the people who helped you succeed (including grandparents and four-legged friends) appear in your pictures with you. 

graduation photographer

  • Dress How You Want To

Graduation day photos all too often wind up with the graduate in a cap and gown only. But if you hire a graduation photographer, you’ll be able to get photos in your cap and gown and other clothing. 

  • Get the Pictures You Don’t Know You Want

Special events photographers know that tiny details captured in photos matter. Maybe it’s a closeup of the year of graduation hanging from your cap. Perhaps it is a shot of you looking at your cap thoughtfully.  They will likely suggest poses and capture small details that otherwise would have been missed.

  • Be Present During Your Ceremony

When you hire a professional photographer, you’ll be able to relax and be present during this watershed moment in your life. Instead of spending time thinking about who you need to find after the ceremony so you can take a picture with them, you can truly take in the experience. 

  • Enjoy Free Editing

Instead of spending the days after graduation trying out filters and photoshopping your photos before sharing, your photographer will make corrections for you. Their touchups are 

often far superior to those you can do on your phone, and you won’t run the risk of a photoshop fail. 

Book a Graduation Photo Shoot in Oregon

To ensure you get the photos that graduation deserves, book a graduation photographer today. LifeSlice Photography is a top-rated photography studio in Lane County, with decades of experience photographing graduation, weddings, engagements, and other special events. Call us 541-914-7977 or send a message online.