Once upon a time, families took nearly all family portraits in a photo studio. The family would sit on blocks, benches, or chairs in front of various canvas backgrounds. Suffice it to say; we’ve come a long way. Today, although studio portraits remain popular, many other options also appeal. Family portraits inside the home, outside in nature, or taken at other meaningful venues have soared in popularity. Consider these fun, unique pose ideas if you’re gearing up for family photos.

Standing Poses for Families

Your family doesn’t need to worry about sitting, staring at a camera, and trying to act natural. Standing poses are incredibly trendy, and there are plenty of ways to make them unique.

You may consider standing with your partner and looking down on small children. Or instruct children to hug your waist or legs (for smaller kids). For families with older and taller children, consider options such as standing and leaning against a fence together. You may opt to look at one another or the camera.

Seated Poses

Just because seating poses are no longer the only option for family photographs doesn’t mean they aren’t a great option. But, there are plenty of ways you can customize seated photos.

Hold small children in your laps while sitting on the grass, beach, or in front of a fireplace. You may also consider creating interesting shapes with parents leaning in one direction and children leaning against you.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of nature’s chairs by sitting on a log, tree stumps, or hillsides.

Lying Down Together

Photos of families lying down together exude love and closeness. This pose is ideal for family portraits of parents with their newborns. You can lay down on a bed, on the grass, on the beach, or virtually anywhere else. These poses result in incredible perspective shots taken from above that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Playful Poses

Playful poses result in one-of-a-kind family photos. Whether you’re tickling children, running on the beach together, piggybacking in nature, or the kids are climbing all over you, playful poses create beautiful keepsakes.

Remember that photos of your family at play in front of a setting sun often turn out stunning. The setting sun provides the perfect natural lighting for your photographer to shoot your silhouettes.


There is a lot to be said for traditional side-by-side photos of families. These poses are great for shots of just your children or the whole family. Consider having the children between the adults, with everyone holding hands for a charming final print. If there are significant height differences, your photographer may suggest a side-by-side seated photo is best to avoid empty space in the photographs.

Pets: Adorable Additions to Family Photos

If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of households with a pet, you may want to include them in your family portraits. Pets often compliment any pose, even if they don’t behave perfectly. Pets are a perfect add-on for playful poses and lying-down poses. Well-behaved pets near children and newborns often create touching, beautiful photos.

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