Canvas prints for your home have never been more popular. After all, they allow you to showcase your wholly unique style. Whether you opt for prints of favorite travel spots or choose canvas prints from professionally shot cherished life events, the options are endless. Better yet, you can be sure that the next time you visit a friend, they won’t have the same art adorning their walls. Curious to learn more about how to decorate with canvas prints? Read on for canvas printing ideas to decorate your home.

1. Turn Your Professional Photos into Canvas Art

Professional photos of weddings, pets, or family members are the perfect way to celebrate your family every day. Canvas printing allows you to do this in so many creative ways. Instead of being limited to mass-produced reproductions of art, professional photos can be made into hanging prints. Group or event photos can be turned into panoramic prints (one photo on multiple panels). You can also create eye-catching collages when you opt for a variety of sizes and shapes for your prints.

2. Choose from Framed or Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints

When you choose canvas printing, you have the option to decide whether you want your images to be frameless (gallery wrapped) or framed. With gallery-wrapped prints, the image is stretched around the corners of the frame and stapled in the back. If you prefer a more traditional look with a twist, canvas photos can easily be framed as well.

3. Mix and Match Shapes and Sizes with Canvas Printing

Canvas printed photos are available in a variety of sizes. From large horizontal images to tall vertical images, and virtually everything in between, with canvas, you’re in charge of the exact layout and size of your new artwork. A combination of sizes and layouts is very popular for memorializing special events, or to keep your last great adventure fresh in your mind. Don’t be afraid to mix, match, and stack a variety of prints on a single wall.

Tips for Decorating with Canvas Photos

When deciding how to use canvas art to decorate your home, it’s best to follow the same design tips that apply to all art. For example, you’ll want to make sure that the photos you order for canvas printing will achieve the overall aesthetic you’re envisioning. So, you may choose bold prints to pop in a neutral-toned room. Or you may select subtle images to balance bright furniture or paint.

Likewise, keep the size of the room in mind when selecting the size of your prints. A huge print can dwarf a small space. Conversely, a print that is too small in a large room will look odd.
You should also consider the type of room for each print. If you’re looking for art for kitchens or bathrooms, it’s best to have canvas prints framed, to prevent moisture from damaging them. If you’re looking to redecorate a child’s room, you may opt to have many photos arranged in a collage. These may include prints of your family, their newborn photos, your family pet, or photos from a maternity shoot.

Canvas Photo Prints in the Willamette Valley

Canvas printing offers you more options than ever when it comes to decorating your home in your own style. Using professional photos printed on canvas allows you to tell your family’s unique story in art. At LifeSlice Photography, we use only the highest quality canvas available.

We also offer a program with which we can design layouts on our clients’ walls. They take a photo with a piece of paper taped to the wall to establish scale. Then, we can import that picture and mix and match and resize their photos at an ordering session. It eliminates all the guessing. Feel free to contact us online or call 541-914-7977 for our canvas printing services or to schedule a photoshoot.