Let’s face it, everything has changed since most parents of teens attended prom. From elaborate “promposals” to dresses that rival those of any red carpet, to limousines arrivals, teens attending prom today know how to make lasting memories. With the average cost of prom now surpassing $1,000, this timeless rite of passage has become quite an investment. With so much planning and anticipation leading up to the big night, it’s no wonder professional prom photography has exploded in popularity. 

8 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Prom Photography

As the big night draws closer, here are eight reasons to consider hiring a professional to capture your prom night. 

1. Spend Time Smiling, Not Directing Shots

Professional photographers allow you to relax and take in the excitement of the night, without spending your time trying to ensure you get the shots you want. 

2. Share Costs with the Group

For teens going to prom with a group of friends, hiring a professional can be a terrific way to ensure that you all receive premium photos, but share the cost. 

3. Get Help with Posing

Professional photographers know which poses make for the best photos. So instead of standing awkwardly, or trying to determine where to put empty hands, look to your photographer to guide you. You will undoubtedly wind up with more flattering poses than anything you could come up with on the spot. 

4. Get the Best Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to photography, and no one knows how to better manipulate light for gorgeous effects than a professional photographer. Instead of trying to use filters after the fact, you’ll be able to rely on your photographer to ensure that the lighting shows you in your best light. 

5. Go for Extra Glam

If you’re planning on booking a prom photography session, keep in mind that a shoot in a professional studio can allow you to bring props and make use of equipment, including fans, various backgrounds, and uniquely controlled lighting to get incredibly glamorous shots. 

6. Repurpose Prom Photos for Graduation Events

Although your senior class picture is often used as décor for a graduation party, professional prom photos can also be put out to help decorate the venue.  

7. Canvas Prints Make Great Gifts

Whether you opt for group photos or solo shots, you can transform your prom photos into canvas prints that make great gifts. Consider gifting your best friend a print of the two of you for their dorm next year or send a print to grandparents who live far away. 

8. Get Creative with Composite Photography

If you and your friends want to create completely unique prom memories, consider composite photography. With composite photography you can have your photographer blend your prom photos with a variety of other images to tell a story, create a fantasy-like image, or even capture movement so your image feels alive.  If you can conceive it, your photographer can likely help you create it. 

Book Professional Prom Photos in Lane County

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