Dog Photography for Your Best Friend

Dog Photography for Your Best Friend

Dog lovers are easy to identify. A quick swipe through the photos on their phone, and you’re bound to find countless photos of their canine companion. Whether the shots are selfies that have been photobombed by a wily pup, or snaps of their pup looking flat-out adorable while sleeping, even amateur dog photography is wildly popular. But, if you want to take your love for your dog to the next level, it’s time to schedule a professional photo shoot. Here are 5 reasons to book your best friend a photo shoot ASAP.

They Won’t Be Young (or Old) Forever

It’s an unfortunate reality that dogs age a whole lot faster than humans. So, if you’ve recently added a puppy to your home, scheduling a photo shoot early on is important. They will be out of that puppy phase before you know it. Likewise, if your dog has been with you for some time, you may want to capture your senior dog’s sweet, frosted face, by scheduling a photo shoot with a professional who specializes in dog photography.

Dog Photography Makes Awesome Wall Art

Rather than purchasing stock photos or mass-produced prints for your home, artistically shot pet photos can make for beautiful, wholly unique artwork. Action shots of your dog, close-ups of faces, or a perfectly captured curious expression can turn into frame-worthy, eye-catching art. Just like with family photos, or business photos, you can select whether you want your pet shot in black-and-white, color, or a combination.

Dog Photography Means a Fun Shoot for the Whole Family

When it comes to getting professional photos taken of your dog(s), prepare to have fun. The photo shoot itself is likely to lead to lasting memories, as you try (perhaps in vain) to get your rambunctious puppy to sit still long enough for a photo. You may wind up with great shots of your entire family, attempting to smile nicely while your dog is more interested in licking your face mid-shoot.

Professional photo shoots with your dog can be done in virtually all the same locations you would choose for your engagement photos or professional family photos. Photos of, or with, your dog can be taken in your home, in a park, on the coast, or in a studio.

You’ll Have Photos of You and Your Dog (That Aren’t Selfies!)

For all the photos on your phone of your dog, or your dog and your children playing, there is likely a distinct lack of photos of you and your dog that aren’t selfies. Scheduling a professional pet photo shoot ensures that you are finally in some of the photos with your beloved pup.

Professional Photos Help You Keep Your Dog in Your Heart Forever

We know that dogs don’t live as long as we wish they would. Professional dog photography helps ensure that even when our pets pass on, they remain forever in our hearts and our memories, through photos.

Dog Photography Sessions Available from LifeSlice Photography

Serving all of Lane County, LifeSlice Photography is the area’s premier full-service professional photography studio. Our photographers love animals and welcome the opportunity to immortalize your dog, cat, horse, or any other pet, with professional pet photography. Contact us today to schedule a photo shoot for your pet.

How a Professional Headshot Helps You and Your Business Shine

How a Professional Headshot Helps You and Your Business Shine

Whether you provide products or services, putting a face to your business is paramount in today’s digital world. Here’s a look at how a professional headshot for you and your employees will help your business stand out.

A Professional Headshot Humanizes Your Business

More than anything, a professional headshot helps to humanize your business. Company photos help consumers looking for goods or services put a face to the name of your business. To put it another way, photos of executives and team members enable potential clients and customers to see who is behind the proverbial curtain.

Professional Headshots Show You Value Your Team

Businesses that include photos of staff members publicly demonstrate how proud they are of the team they’ve built. By including professional headshots of your employees, you convey that your company is more than just its top executive. Professional company photos indicate to clients and customers that you are proud to have certain people working with you. Staff photos also show your team that you value them.

If you don’t have a team working with you, don’t stress. You can include photos of contractors or a family member who helps you book appointments or handles your bookkeeping. If you’re a solo practitioner, but your dog joins you in your office, consider adding a photo of your pet to your website.

Photos Help Forge Connections with Clients/Customers

In the same way that a professional headshot may humanize a business, professional photos can build connections with potential customers before you even meet them. For example, consider those who are hiring a new attorney. By looking at the law firm website, and professional photos online, they are likely to feel like they already know their advocate at least a little bit before meeting in person.

Company Photos Help Showcase Your Company Culture

Professional company photos provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the culture of your company. If your team participates in community service work, professional photos showing you and your staff working to better the world can help build your brand as a company that believes in giving back.

If your company is known for team building, including professional photos of your team on a retreat or enjoying Food Truck Friday, for example, can showcase the culture within your organization.

Even the style of the professional headshot you choose can say a lot about your culture. Do you want your team in casual attire? Do you want black and white photos? Do you want your photos to be indoors or outside? Do you want poses or candid shots? Headshots of your team can be as playful or as traditional as you’d like.

Team Photos Can Help to Recruit Top Talent

Professional corporate photos may even help with your recruiting efforts. Through sharing who and what your company stands for, talented individuals may find the culture of your organization a reason to apply.

Schedule A Professional Headshot Session

LifeSlice Photography is a Lane County-based team of full-service professional photographers. From wedding photos to company photos to family photos (including pets!), we do it all. Contact us today for a custom photography package designed to capture your company’s strengths, leadership, and humanity.

Engagement Photo Ideas for an Unforgettable Photoshoot

Engagement Photo Ideas for an Unforgettable Photoshoot

Getting engaged is a really big deal. It’s exciting, affirming, and often one of the most joyful occasions of your life. It’s no wonder that capturing this incredible occasion with professional engagement photos is so important. Use our engagement photo ideas to plan an unforgettable photoshoot.

Decide How You’ll Use Your Engagement Photos

Before booking your photoshoot, think about how you’ll want to use your engagement photos. Will you be sending out formal engagement announcements? Will you use your photos for Save the Date cards? Or are you planning to use them for your wedding website?

By thinking about how you want to use your photos, you may land on a theme to use throughout your engagement and wedding. Likewise, deciding how you’ll use your engagement photos can also help you to begin planning outfits, location, and more.

Engagement Photo Ideas: Use Props

Props can make your engagement photos pop. You can showcase your ring or spell out your news with signs (or scrabble pieces!). Consider including your pet in the announcement or opt for a dark shot with sparklers and candles. Whatever props you bring, have fun with them!

Consider Taking Color and Black and White Photos

There’s no reason that you can’t use black and white and full-color engagement photos. You can also add special effects to your engagement photos for a wholly unique look.

Announce Your Engagement with Unique Angles

To create memorable engagement photos, ask your photographer about creative angles. You may like shots pointing towards the sky with you and your partner holding hands. Or you may find that off-center shots, with a beautiful landmark in the background, capture the aesthetic you have in mind.

Get Creative with Cropping

Use cropping to hone in on the details of your engagement. You can ask your photographer to snap pictures of you and your partner holding hands with your engagement ring.

Cropping also helps highlight the similarities (or differences) between you and your partner. You can use cropping to focus on your unique outfits or styles during your photoshoot.

Seal It with a Kiss

Engagement photos are a great opportunity to share a kiss with your partner. A sweet kiss in the park, by the sea, or at a favorite venue is a great way to capture romantic engagement photos.

Playful Poses Capture Personality

Engagement photo ideas to capture your personality may include fun, silly, or serene poses. Don’t hold back! You can hug or embrace your partner or jump in the air together. You can even opt for a piggyback ride.

Revisit Your Engagement Day

We’ve especially enjoyed recreating and capturing the day our clients became engaged. We’ve done this from setting up a moment at a Starbucks to spending a whole day at the coast with a couple. Of course, spending a whole day at the coast does cost a bit more than a regular session. It was a blast though. We started at Sweet Creek, had lunch at Moe’s and then ended the day at Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Ask a Pro for Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

When you schedule your engagement photography session, don’t be afraid to ask your professional photographer for unique engagement photo ideas. At LifeSlice photography, we love helping our clients design an engagement shoot that matches their vision, personality, and plans for using their engagement photos.

To schedule an engagement photo session, contact us today. We can’t wait to help you celebrate this joyous occasion!

Family Photography Tips for This Holiday Season

Family Photography Tips for This Holiday Season

Family photographs create a lifetime of memories, not just in the final chosen shots, but in fond memories of the actual photoshoot. (This is especially true when the unexpected happens!) So, it is worth it to put in a little effort to plan ahead. Here is a helpful list of family photography tips, whether you’re planning your first holiday photo shoot, or you’re booking your annual session.

Family Photography Tips: Before the Shoot

Before the day of your family photography session, spend some time thinking ahead, so that when the day arrives, you’re not scrambling to make decisions. Here are some tips for planning for your family’s holiday photo shoot.

Find a Fun Location

Just because you’re scheduling a shoot during the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to pick a seasonal location. Instead, pick a location that has meaning for you and your family. This might be in front of your Christmas tree or fireplace. It also might be in your favorite park, on a favorite trail, or anywhere else that is special to you and your family

Plan Your Outfit

To avoid feeling stressed the day of your photoshoot, select your outfit ahead of time. If you have a baby or children, plan what they will wear as well. Be sure to account for unpredictable winter weather if you’ll be outdoors.

Consider Adding Pets or Props

Before your scheduled session, decide if you want to include family pets or props in your photos. That way you’ll remember to pack everything you need to get the result you’re hoping for. Props could include anything from blankets to Santa hats. If you’re bringing pets, you may want to pack treats and a water bowl.

Family Photography Tips: During the Photo Shoot

When the day of your photoshoot arrives, the best thing everyone can do is relax. To help keep everyone in the family relaxed, consider these tips.

Focus on Fun

When you are having a good time, it shows, and that fun will be reflected in the images your photographer captures. So, remember that holiday photos aren’t supposed to be a chore. They’re a time to celebrate your family, by having fun with them.

Embrace the Unexpected

Rain happens. Toddler temper tantrums happen. Pets misbehave. But if you embrace whatever happens, you might just be delighted by the way things turn out. A grass-stained pant-leg, a child who refuses to smile, or even “rain-hair” are part of life. Instead of resisting things you didn’t plan for, just embrace them. There’s so much beauty in imperfection.

Be Yourselves

Avoid trying to be someone you’re not. If you’re a laid-back family, stick to casual poses rather than anything that looks too staged or formal. If you’re not a publicly affectionate group, don’t try to force that either, as it won’t look natural. Just be yourselves, and let your photographer capture your unique personalities.

To schedule a holiday family photography session this season, contact us today. We are excited to meet you and your family.

Senior Portraits for 2020

Senior Portraits for 2020

Years ago, senior portraits often took place in the studio. Now in 2020, these types of sessions are a thing of the past. Today, senior pictures are more personal and sentimental. Graduating from high school is a big achievement. Senior pictures are there to show your style, hobbies, and accomplishments. As experienced photographers, we know how to create lasting photos that tell a story.

The possibilities are endless for senior portraits. Every shoot will encompass a standard headshot in a nice outfit, but beyond that, this is a chance to truly express yourself. Planning your senior portrait session can quickly become overwhelming. We are here to help ease your stresses and give you some great ideas so your memories bring a smile to your face for years to come.

Finding the Right Photographer

When searching for someone to take your senior portraits, there are many options to choose from. From certified photographers to a friend’s uncle with a camera, there are a lot of people out there snapping photos. The most important thing to look for is the style of the photographer. Some are more artsy, others are old-fashioned, and some are contemporary. Do you dream of vibrant colors or lighter tones? These are good things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect photographer for you. You can get a good sense of a photographer’s style by reviewing their website portfolios. Browse through our gallery here.

Planning Your Senior Portraits

It’s a good idea to sit down with your photographer (or via Zoom) and discuss your future photoshoot. This is the time to discuss your personal style and to show some examples of photo ideas that you like. Together you can brainstorm locations, styles, props and outfits for your upcoming senior portraits. This gives the photographer a chance to get to know you and to envision your session.


What makes the best photo is optimal lighting. Senior portraits can be inside a studio as well as outside. There are many great options when searching for a location in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Popular destinations include high school sporting fields or gyms, open fields, and downtown Eugene or Springfield. Other possibilities include:

  • Coffee shops
  • The library
  • Future college campus
  • Backyard
  • Rose gardens
  • Along the McKenzie or Willamette Rivers
  • At an old barn


The goal of the photographer is to create pictures that are special to you. Using props is a great way to make your senior photos personalized. Props can be used in a variety of ways. It’s always important to make sure any props used enhance the photo and don’t take away from you being the main focus. Here are some classic prop ideas that always make for great, personal photos:

  • Cap and gown
  • Sports equipment (football, basketball, track spikes, pom poms
  •  Musical instruments
  •  Car
  •  A sign
  •  Twinkly lights
  •  Pets

If you are interested in having an experienced photographer capture your senior portraits, contact us today! We look forward to working with you and capturing this important, memorable time in your life.

Eugene Commercial Photography

Eugene Commercial Photography

What is commercial photography? Commercial photography is when images are captured and then used by a company to promote their brand. They can be used to help sell your business, yourself, or a product. During a photoshoot, a professional commercial photographer works with the business to create images that accurately represent the brand to their customers. The product of a commercial photoshoot can leave the client with lasting, memorable, and high- quality images that speak for the business.

Types of Commercial Photography

There are many different categories of commercial photography. A new restaurant owner may need photos of their food to be featured on their menu and website. These sessions require staging, optimal lighting, and maybe a taste test or two.

When shopping for products online, consumers are more likely to purchase a product that appears to be professionally shot with optimal lighting and angles, rather than one that was shot with a phone camera. Photography of products can be great for business sales.

Businesses such as spas, salons, dentist offices, and even construction companies can benefit from environmental photos. These are shots that are taken to show employees in their work settings. This is a great way to show the tone and surroundings of a business.

Any business that has a website (which should be any business in 2020), must have professional headshots. Looking for traditional professional headshots, or something a bit more fun? We do it all at LifeSlice. LifeSlice knows how to make the most out of a business photoshoot session. We guarantee to leave you with proficient photos that boost your message and brand.

A Commercial Photoshoot with LifeSlice

LifeSlice recently did a commercial photoshoot with Alyssa Williamson, a local business coach. She works with other local business owners and helps them find the freedom they need to realize their dreams. You can learn more about her business on her website. Follow along below to learn more about our commercial photoshoot with Alyssa.


Our session first began with some planning. We discussed having multiple different looks in addition to four distinct settings. After some conversation, we decided on 5th Street Market, a woodland trail, Clearwater Park, and Downtown Springfield.

Our Goals

Together, we wanted to create four images that represented her brand. The first image was a business woman enjoying a marketplace where she often meets clients for coffee. The second was in the woods, where we would create an image that depicted the story of a Disney princess. The third was an adventurer competent and strong in an unusual environment. The final photo would be a fun picture of Alyssa enjoying a night out on the town. Before we met for our session, I scouted the locations and developed a plan.

The Execution

During our session, we took advantage of several things that we noticed at the time that would help tell Alyssa’s coaching journey. We used props such as a truck, a phone booth, signs, and the elements of a downtown road to illustrate the goals of her business. Alyssa was left with several photos that illustrate her story and the elements of her business to future clients.

Let’s Work Together

If your business is in need of any commercial photography, contact us today. We would love to work with you and to help grow your business.