Eugene Commercial Photography

Eugene Commercial Photography

What is commercial photography? Commercial photography is when images are captured and then used by a company to promote their brand. They can be used to help sell your business, yourself, or a product. During a photoshoot, a professional commercial photographer works with the business to create images that accurately represent the brand to their customers. The product of a commercial photoshoot can leave the client with lasting, memorable, and high- quality images that speak for the business.

Types of Commercial Photography

There are many different categories of commercial photography. A new restaurant owner may need photos of their food to be featured on their menu and website. These sessions require staging, optimal lighting, and maybe a taste test or two.

When shopping for products online, consumers are more likely to purchase a product that appears to be professionally shot with optimal lighting and angles, rather than one that was shot with a phone camera. Photography of products can be great for business sales.

Businesses such as spas, salons, dentist offices, and even construction companies can benefit from environmental photos. These are shots that are taken to show employees in their work settings. This is a great way to show the tone and surroundings of a business.

Any business that has a website (which should be any business in 2020), must have professional headshots. Looking for traditional professional headshots, or something a bit more fun? We do it all at LifeSlice. LifeSlice knows how to make the most out of a business photoshoot session. We guarantee to leave you with proficient photos that boost your message and brand.

A Commercial Photoshoot with LifeSlice

LifeSlice recently did a commercial photoshoot with Alyssa Williamson, a local business coach. She works with other local business owners and helps them find the freedom they need to realize their dreams. You can learn more about her business on her website. Follow along below to learn more about our commercial photoshoot with Alyssa.


Our session first began with some planning. We discussed having multiple different looks in addition to four distinct settings. After some conversation, we decided on 5th Street Market, a woodland trail, Clearwater Park, and Downtown Springfield.

Our Goals

Together, we wanted to create four images that represented her brand. The first image was a business woman enjoying a marketplace where she often meets clients for coffee. The second was in the woods, where we would create an image that depicted the story of a Disney princess. The third was an adventurer competent and strong in an unusual environment. The final photo would be a fun picture of Alyssa enjoying a night out on the town. Before we met for our session, I scouted the locations and developed a plan.

The Execution

During our session, we took advantage of several things that we noticed at the time that would help tell Alyssa’s coaching journey. We used props such as a truck, a phone booth, signs, and the elements of a downtown road to illustrate the goals of her business. Alyssa was left with several photos that illustrate her story and the elements of her business to future clients.

Let’s Work Together

If your business is in need of any commercial photography, contact us today. We would love to work with you and to help grow your business.

LifeSlice Named Certified Professional Photographer

LifeSlice Named Certified Professional Photographer

Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) is a challenging and rewarding process. This is a certification given by Professional Photographers of America to those who demonstrate extensive knowledge and skill with the art of photography. Photographers who are new to the field, as well as those with many years of experience, strive to become a CPP.

After many hours of practice and study, photographers will come out of the certification experience with expansive knowledge and an improved set of skills. Customers will be able to see and understand how seriously a photographer takes their training.

It takes time and effort to receive a CPP. Last year only 13 photographers throughout the entire state of Oregon received a CPP. Currently, only three photographers in Lane County hold this certification.

We are proud to say that LifeSlice photography is the only CPP in Lane Country that does family portraits as well as weddings.

The Certified Professional Photographer Process

In order to become a Certified Professional Photographer, you must go through two phases. In the first phase, a photographer must declare their candidacy and then pass a rigorous written exam. This examination tests the applicant’s understanding of the properties of light, the effects of different lenses, filters, camera types, and much more. This is also the area of the procedure where the applicant’s knowledge of the history of photography is evaluated. 

The second portion of the certification process is designed to test the photographer’s skill and knowledge of their craft. The photographer is asked to submit their images which are then critically inspected by professionals. This portion of the certification can be especially time-consuming. It took me a full week of work hours and two rounds to pass this part.

When a photographer earns a CPP certificate, the work doesn’t stop. A photographer must recertify every three years, which is done by accumulating merits through continued education and image competitions. 

Benefits of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer

The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) program is well respected in the industry. It speaks to a photographer’s experience and knowledge, as well as their passion to improve their technique and skill set. Obtaining a CPP is a proud declaration of professional competence and effort. It is a great way to demonstrate your skill as a photographer to your current and potential clients. When working with someone who is a Certified Professional Photographer, clients should feel confident in their photographer’s ability to provide them with exceptional photos.

Next Steps

Currently, Mike is working towards earning his Masters of Photography from the PPA. This next step is achieved by earning credits from competitions. In his efforts to earn this certification, he looks forward to growing his knowledge and ability in all aspects of photography.

Social Distancing Photography

Social Distancing Photography

While it seems life has come to a screeching halt, things are continuing to happen all around us. Children grow older, pregnant bellies become larger, and our kids graduate from high school or college. We continue to grow and change, and these moments should not pass without a permanent, beautiful, professional photographic record. While many plans have been postponed, we want to offer social distancing photography options to help you celebrate the small and big things. We have adjusted our photography practices as a way to ensure the safety and comfort of our wonderful clients.

Locations for Social Distancing Photography

Spring has arrived in Oregon and we want to take advantage of the beautiful weather. During these times, it’s important to spend time outdoors, feel the breeze, and enjoy sunny days. 

Wide-open areas and locations are great for outside portraits as well as social distancing photography. It is important to stay clear of crowded spaces and maintain a safe, comfortable distance while we work with clients. When picking locations, we choose areas that don’t require our clients to come in contact with anything that could have been touched. These locations are often isolated and away from crowds and other people. There are a number of beautiful fields, rivers, and forested areas in the Eugene area that are great options for social distancing photography. These beautiful backdrops also make for some of the best photos.

If you are looking for professional shots in the studio, we offer that as well. All equipment used is disinfected between photo shoots and our sessions in the studio are done one group at a time. 

Window or Doorway Portraits

Photos captured through windows or in doorways have become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are more comfortable staying in your own home, these photoshoots are a great way to capture your family during these historic times. We recommend in a nicely decorated doorway, in your back yard, or even through your front window. 


Many high school and college seniors won’t formally walk across the stage and accept their diploma. Graduating is a big accomplishment, and celebrating those graduates and their achievements is something that should not go unnoticed. If you have a graduation gown, what better time to wear it! These sessions are similar to senior yearbook photos, and they are a great way for the student to express themselves. If your graduate missed their final year of a spring sport or club, we can incorporate these activities into their session.

We care about the health and safety of all our clients. If you have questions regarding our practices or wish to schedule a social distancing photography session, feel free to contact us.